Rosy Hues art & Arsvitadesigns “The Lorax”

We have cut back a lot on the amount of time we spend in front of the T.V., but as a special treat over the summer, we saw the movie “The Lorax”. The boys loved it, (which I don’t particularly mind because the story had a great message) and now both boys claim they “speak to the trees”.Hehe. They have made friends with the big oak tree in out front yard, and went as far as to name him “Branchy”! We spend a lot of time out there, climbing and playing on Branchy!


We recently found some the most adorable prints from Rosy Hues art, including this precious Lorax print that reads: ” UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot,nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” I love this message, and while my family, and myself have been going through a lot of positive changes this year,I believe this is a nice, inspirational message to have anywhere in our house, not just the boy’s room or playroom 😉 RHA strives to inspire kids to dream big, laugh, be happy, stand out, do good, and have fun; they remind us to always see life in Rosy hues 🙂
Also, we were send a beautiful needle felted Truffala tree by arsvitedesigns, also inspired by The Lorax. My boys went a little bonkers over this tree, and its little things like this that encourage their imaginations to fly. We set the tree on display (as it is NOT a toy) next to the print we received, as they make the perfect pair 🙂 The top of the truffula tree is merino wool over a romney core and it lightly felted in a swirl to give it a halo effect. The “grass” in the flower pot is green merino wool. The trunk of the tree is polymer clay, textured, and with a wire core to make it durable. They can be bent slightly to emulate tree growth (they are not fully straight or smooth). These trees are made with great care, and are pretty sturdy!

truffala tree arsvitadesigns

Rosy Hues art, has a broad collection of whimsical prints for boys and girls, including some rad, but ever so cute Star Wars inspired prints, fairies, quotes and more! If you are looking for a sweet,heartwarming piece to adorn a family member (or friends) home this holiday season, be sure to save some time by checking out Rosy Hues art’s shop! Pure love just flows out of these pieces of art! Visit their shop (Dec.1- Dec.24th) and use the code : ROSYHOLIDAY for 20%!

Also,don’t forget to stop by arsvitadesigns and customize your very own truffala tree!

Happy Holidays,

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