Lulu Island Honey- Gifts from the hive

Happy New year! I hope that everyone had a sweet New Years eve! As for me, I stayed home with the family and watched movies and ate pizza! Yes, pizza!Mmmmm!

I recently had the chance to try out Lulu Island Honey’s sweet wedding favors! I was thrilled to have found this shop, as I have a lot of friends who will be saying their “I dos” this year!


Lulu Islannd honey jars both wildflower and clover honey and you can choose between three different sizes: 30 grams, 50 grams or 75 grams. The honey is bottled in the Pacific Northwest and The lids of these recycled bottles are covered in re-purposed kraft paper, wrapped in twine and stamped with their signature bee. We sampled their clover honey and it is as sweet as can be- in a good way!It is a bit sweeter than our local honey, which means I won’t need as much when mixing it in my tea!

We also got the sample their beeswax candles, and I love the mellow scent these candles give off! They aren’t over-powering, and leave your office, living room, or wherever you decide to set it- smelling as sweet as the honey itself.

This set runs $26 for 13 personalized candles
set of 13 $26

Wildflower honey favors:
wildflower honey and beeswax candle

vials of honey:

Personalized wedding favors:

I adore these sweet personalized gifts and think they are great for everyone, not just those who are getting married!Since they do not require you to make a minimum order,These sets would also make an excellent addition to a bee themed baby shower, or to by in bulk for birthday, hostest, thank yous or just because gifts throughout the year!

Please go visit Lulu Island honey or to see the rest of their goodies!

I wish you all a year of peace and happiness!

Sweet and sassy,

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