Ear Candling with AM Essentials

Have any of you tried ear candling before? I just heard about this last year, but couldn’t brave myself to try them. It never occured to me I would ever feel the need to stick a flaming candle of any sort in my ear! But, after much thought and research, I figured I would put on my big girl panties and see whatthe rave was all about! 000_0666[1]
We tried AM Essentials 100% beeswax ear candles. The candles are 12″ long and 1/2″ in diameter. I think it is very important to have someone there with you monitoring the burning progress, and so I had my husband help me out!
I cut a small hole in a paper plate, and insert the candle through it, making sure the candle wasn’t bent or pressed shut.
I then lit the candle and watched for the smoke to come out of the bottom of the candle, then gently placed it in my ear.
The crackling sound of the candle was so relaxing!I let it burn until it reached about 3 1/2 inches from the plate, like the instructions said.
From there, I took the candle out and snuffed. I washed my hands and then put 3% hydrogen peroxide on a swab to clean the inner surface of the outer ear and then repeated the process on the opposite ear. You want to do both ears, because by doing otherwise, you can throw off your equilibrium. Yikes!
At the time I was very congested from sinuses and found these candles to be very relaxing AND I felt like it helped with the drainage. Plus,after this candling experience, I had the best nights rest I had gotten in a while! I know that results vary from person to person, but I love these candles & I will continue to use them. Why did I wait so long to try them?! Haha.
I hope to record more of my candling experiences, but in the meantime
check out AM Essentials on Etsy and treat yourself!


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