The Pig Lily- Mary Poppins

The Pig Lily is an Etsy shop created by graphic designer Georganna Rodriguez.She offers everything from illustrations to custom stationary- and we recently found one of the raddest pieces of art to grace our eyes among her collection of prints!

Mary Poppins and the Planets:

Georganna told me how much she and her sister loved Mary Poppins growing up, and how that very love inspired her to create this unique piece of art!
These prints are printed on quality heavy weight illustration card stock. Also,you can let her know if you would like to change the specified colors to better match your interior decor or add names or dates to the poster!

The Pig Lily also carries gift tags:
gift tags
custom stationary:
IPhone 4 & 5 cases:
let it be
and plenty of more orignal art pieces like this “You are my Sunshine” Print:
you are

So, whether you are in the market for wedding invitations, save the dates, stationary, or you simply want some unique pieces of art for you or your children, The Pig Lily is worth checking out!

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