Brooke Montes- Colorful & fun art

The title says it all! Most things Colorful and fun, are bound to strike my fancy! With that being said, I have to say that I love the collaboration of digital pieces and pop of color that is found in Brooke Montes art! These are little pieces of happiness that I surely wouldn’t mind hanging around my home!
I am excited to share that we receieved one of Brooke’s Love prints, and these are even better in person! As I am drawn to the colors and inpirational quotes that fill many of Brooke’s art, I was amazed at how vibrant these pieces really are in person! I hope to purchase more of her art as gifts, as I have an arsenal of lady friends that share the love of fun & funky art as I do!

One of my favorite prints from her shop is this “Pink Elephant” print:
pink elephant
We all know ” A Smile Changes Everything” :
a samile changes everything
Words of wisdom- ” Be Strong” :
be strong
“Explore your Truth” :
explore your truth

To see more of Brooke’s colorful pieces visit her at BrookeMontesArt on Etsy!

Get your art on,

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