Turt & Elephant by eschreur

I’m a lady that is fond of color and unique pieces of art. Handmade items, in which were made with care and love! when I spotted turt&elephants hand-stamped & hand-dyed tea towels on Etsy- I feel in love!
These one of a kind tea towels are 28X28 in. and are made from 100% cotton.Each towel is hand-dyed in a turmeric dye bath. After dyeing and rinsing, the towel is also soaked in vinegar to help preserve the color. Hand dyeing is slightly unpredictable and can produce a varied, almost tie-dye effect and this is one of my favorite things about these towels! Also, Emily, owner of t&e explains that these tea towels can be used to for other things than drying dishes, and I am one to second that motion! While her fun and funky tea towels are sure to brighten ones time spent drying dishes, I have found my little enjoy making these into their very own capes! They are just the right size, too!On another note, I think these beautiful tea towels would also make a nice piece of wall art, as tapestry of some sort. With items like this, it is SO easy to get creative! I am also fond of the paper wrap this tea-towel was sent in- a recycled trader joe’s sack, with their cute logo on the outside- as you can see. Maybe its just me- but I appreciate little details like these 🙂

t&e offers many other items in their shop:

“I Heart NYC” scarf:
scarf I heart NYC
Set of mini-chalkboards (Wanna leave your sweetie a message for Valentines?):
set of chalkboards
Two-tier coral and turquoise necklace:
two tier coral and turquoise necklace<
Beautiful star garlands:
star garland

Emily also has a few photography prints for sale, that her boyfriend hand prints in their in-house dark room!

Please visit t&e on Etsy and let ’em know I sent you!
You can also visit their blog, facebook & twitter!
blog: turtandelephant.blogspot.com
FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/turtandelephant
twitter account: http://www.twitter.com/turtandelephant

Colorful cleanin’,

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