Calming soap for kids by MeandTheBoy

I have two very active, and dare I say rowdy little boys! I gave them each one of MeandTheBoy’s calm kids bedtime soap this evening and they were loving it! My five year old actually could’nt wait to take a bath because our soaps were molded into cute little robots!
These soaps have the lovely scent of lavender and chamomile, with a hint of marjoram and lemon. The scent is not over-bearing, which is a big deal to me since strong scents tend to send our allergies through the roof! Also just as important, these soaps along with all other soaps by MeandTheBoy are SLS free soaps that do not contain surfactants or Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Sodium Laureth Sulphate. The less yucky stuff- the better!
These soaps, are great for 1-2 baths each, but I think we’ll be able to squeeze in a 3rd bath, because these have held up quite nicely for us!

We also got to try two samples of MeandTheBoy’s Vegan lotions!
The first was their Vanilla Bean Noel scented lotion, and it smells heavenly! It is a nice a creamy whip of goodness, and the scent isn’t over powdering, which I also love.
Next, we tried their Vegan Magic coconut vegan lotion, and this one is my favorite! It also has a light scent of tropical coconut, with a fair balance of shimmer!

MeandTheBoy do more than just soaps & lotions though! They have soy candles, body wash,jewelry, scrubs and more! Here is a peek :
handmade lampwork beaded bracelet:
handmade lampwork beaded
Vegan Nag Champa perfume:
nag champa
“The Ugly Wash”
the ugly wash
soy wax tarts:
soy wax tarts

MeandTheBoy has a variety of goodies, and the prices are great as well! At the moment they are offering 50% a ton of stuff, so there is no better time than now to stock up!


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