Heart Made For You

My sweet guys always look forward to staying the evening/night with their grandparents! I remember being the same way growing up and I feel blessed that we live close enough for us all to be able to spend time together!
Recently, I found these cute travel taggy pillows by HeartMadeForYou, and thought it would be a really neat idea to get them for the boys to take when they are spending the night with the grandparents, or Nena!

These are smaller than regular pillows (22×14) , and make great throw pillows for the kids beds when they aren’t taking them on the road or to grandma’s house! My 2 year old has begun to favor his pillow, refusing to use all other pillows but the one that says “Asher” and has his favorite: PIRATES!
Keegan was thrilled that it had his name on it! As a new reader, this is sorta a big deal to him! 🙂 Although, the robots we definitely a plus! 😉

HeartmadeForYou can also make really adorable girly travel pillows, and there are also a few other boy options!


These are $14 a piece, and a made with love, just like the name says!


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