Accupressure Bracelets

Have any of you heard of these amazing accupressure bracelets? Holy wow! I sure wish I knew about these when I was pregnant with my boys- they could have done me a world of good!
These bracelets are the stylish alternative to the average acupressure anti nausea wristbands. They alleviate the symptoms associated with motion sickness, sea sickness, morning sickness, treatment related nausea, heartburn, indigestion, stomachaches, anxiety, and palpitations!
Bracelets (pair) are placed two fingers width from your wrist bone at pressure point P6 on both wrists (full directions enclosed). The effectiveness of these bracelets depends on proper placement of the pressure bead!
These bracelets are 5/8 inch in width. The material is soft and elasticated with a velcro closure for adjustability.

I love that these are machine washable! You just have to remember to put them in a lingerie bag, or canvas bag of some sort and wash on delicate/handwash cycle.

*These are not a medical devices and may not relieve symptoms for some individuals.

These are available in three different sizes, including child size.

To learn more about these accupressure bracelets please click here to Visit Rebecca Swan’s shop on Etsy!

Gettin’ my natural remedy on,

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