Whole Beginnings: Three Trimesters Tea

A few days after I confirmed my pregnancy with baby #3, I starting feeling it. Morning sickness. At this point I wanted something relaxing and warm, and safe for my body. I have been a hot tea drinker for as long as I can remember, but being pregnant there are many herbs that aren’t safe for a growing baby. When I found Whole Beginnings, I was super excited to try their Three Trimesters tea, that is specially formulated for pregnant women, and made with herbs that are supposed to help ease morning sickness and support a growing uterus. Sandra from New Beginnings uses organic herbs to formulate her teas, which is important to me as I strive to eat/consume high quality, wholesome foods!
This organic pregnancy tea comes in three different herbal flavors. One tea for each trimester! First trimester is Better Belly Ginger, made with organic dehydrated ginger and whole red raspberry leaf. Designed to help ease morning sickness AND strengthen the uterus.

The second pregnancy tea, Trimester 2 Lemon, is made from organic dehydrated lemon zest and whole red raspberry leaf to continue strengthening the uterus as well as ease any remaining morning sickness and refresh mama!

The third flavor in the trimester teas is Are We There Yet Mint. Designed to encourage and invigorate mama while strengthening her uterus for labor. A combination of dehydrated peppermint leaves and whole red raspberry leaf.

These teas are yummy, and very soothing! They would make a great gift for mommies-to-be!I am in my first trimester, and have loved the Better Belly tea! As I embrace all aspects and stages of my pregnancy, I feel it is important to have special treats, like this tea to look foward to! I definitely look foward to trying Trimester two tea and Are we there yet, tea as a finale! I know by that time, that is exactly what I’ll be thinking 😉

click here to shop Whole Beginnings organic teas, baths, healing oils, sprays, and balms. Things to keep you healthy, your home clean and your body beautiful. Don’t forget to follow Sandra’s blog for special deals and great information! (Wholebeginnings.blogspot.com)

AND, if you order before Feb 1st, and spend over $30, you will recieve FREE shipping with the code: 30Birthday

*I am not a doctor and cannot say these teas are safe for everyone/every pregnancy. If you are pregnant you should ask your doctor if these teas are safe for you and your baby.

Relaxin’ to the max,

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