UN-Paper Towels by Minnie Bobbins!

Hey there, Friends!As many of you know, I took a huge step by deciding to use cloth diaper & wipes last year, and this Summer I want to focus on household items, like un-paper towels! My husband usually spends one day out of the weekend smoking a brisket, or putting something yummy on the grill for the family to enjoy. I applaud him, but this usually results in a massive waste of paper towels once you include clean-up & the paper towels or napkins we use at the dinner table. So discovering the super cute, quality crafted UN-paper towels by Minnie Bobbins was a BIG deal for us!

I’m just so tired of wasting my money on paper towels, guys. I really wanted to do the math to try to figure out how much we would save, and it’s at least $3-$6 bucks a week. That alone is enough to convince me to try the un-paper way! πŸ˜‰

DSC01392 I knew that wanted to finally give these towels a shot! It’s not as easy as throwing a package of towels in your cart at the store( and cost a little more up-front) but I am now convinced this is the only way to go!

Each towel measures around 10″ x 10″ and has been stitched, flipped, and top stitched for extreme durability, wash after wash.
Reusable (un-paper) towels are very stylish and a great way to save money on expensive paper towels and be more eco friendly. They can be used for anything you would use a paper towel for. When they are dirty, just throw them in the washer and dryer. They are also safe in the microwave, so you can use them to cover dishes while cooking. Each set comes with 12 individual towels. Each towel has 2 plastic snaps (won’t scratch counter tops or dishes) that allow you to snap all 12 towels together. You can then roll them up on an old paper towel tube, and roll the towels up around that. πŸ™‚
These towels are god-send if you have kids, folks. You can use them just how you would use a regular paper towel, except these are much sturdier and will wipe up bigger messes. We have plenty of those around these parts! πŸ˜‰
This roll of un-paper towels is made with french terry cloth, it doesn’t have as much of a nap so it is a little thinner than some of their other un-paper towel listings made with regular terry cloth (that has more of a nap and is a little thicker). Some people like the thinner ones (me!) and some people like the thicker ones! My best suggestion is to visit Minnie Bobbins & take a look around! I love the mixed sets with matching colors-different prints, but if that sort or arrangement isn’t your thing, there is still many options to choose from & if you need something special, Amber is great with custom orders!

We are all stoked to have these around and it is easily becoming second nature to just toss these cuties in the wash with our regular clothing! You can get a roll of these quality made un-paper towels for just $40! Buy from Minnie Bobbins & save your time & money! πŸ™‚

These would make an excellent house warming gift!

Here are a few more awesome eco-friendly items from Minnie Bobbins:


To see more from Minnie Bobbins click here & be sure to let them know we sent you!

Goin’ green!


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