eSCENTialsAroma sent me some wonderful goodies during the peak of my most dreadful morning sickness moments! I felt like I had tried everything, so I was so thankful when I received a bottle of eSCENTialsAroma No More Moring sickness Diffuser Spray! I’m a momma that looks for natural products and I don’t want to put anything full of chemicals inside or outside of my body, so finding eSCENTialsAroma and their natural no more morning sickness spray was a blessing, and such a relief! This spray comes in a 4oz cobalt bottle and is made with two essential oils that are used to help ease an upset stomach. Simply spray the solution into a tissue and inhale when needed. You can also use it as a linen spray… just diffuse onto your bed or couch before you lay down and the gentle smell will calm that tangled tummy. I am very pleased that this spray worked for me, and can say it was my go-to anti-nausea relief simply because it was the only thing that worked every time I used it!

I also got to try eSCENTialsAroma Lullaby Baby Lotion.This aloe based lotion is enriched with coconut oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E and rich calendula. Then Sarah from eSCENTialAroma adds the soothing smells of pure theraputic grade essential oils (Lavender and Chamomile) to calm baby.Also, there are absolutely no synthetic ingredients, no parabens or phthalates This lotion is much different than any natural lotion I have ever smelt! It smells primarily of chamomile to me- which I love, but it is also so soft I want to use it for myself, too!

eSCENTialAroma carries a great variety of natural products that use natural ingredients.Here’s a peek at some of more goodies from their Etsy shop:
No More Stretch Marks:
no more stretch marks
Inner Peace Lotion:
inner peace lotion
Oh My Aching Back Lotion:
oh my aching back
Germ Away Spray:
germ away
Refresh and Renew Foot Cream:
refresh and renew foot crea

Let the essence of real plant botanicals bring you Health and Wellness, and visit eSCENTialAroma’s shop by clicking here! They have a little bit of everything for everyone in the family 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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