Fena Art- Art For an Inspired Life

feb2013 031feb2013 032Fena Arts sent us a beautiful archival print of one of her orginal paintings this week and I could not be more happier than to share it with you all! I adore these cheerful prints,as well as her words of encouragement and love. You can really tell that Fena Arts puts her heart and soul into making these whimsical prints!

Fena Arts has a knack for creating, the spiritual, and recreates her visions through memories,the future and the past, with the hope of capturing glimpses of wonder, and uplifting others. Her art is very much influenced by her daily observations, dreams, and by her work as healing practitioner. Each painting is a conversation with spirit 🙂

Here are a few amazing prints from Fena Arts collection:
“Life is Beautiful”:
fen life is beautiful
“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With One Step”:
fea journey of a thousand miles
“Strength” Greeting Card:
strength greeting card
“Serenity” Greeting Card:
“I Set Myself Free”
i set myself free

To visit Fena Arts shop click here and tell her Lotusbebarefoot sent you!

Have a blessed day,

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