Rumparoos-Kanga Care introduce new prints

Okay, so I am completely new to cloth diapering, BUT I have been doing my homework aka: learning all the lingo,cleaning info & advice I can! My husband is impressed- you can ask him….a few weeks ago he was SO concerned I was going to wash the dirties with his clothes. BUT, I think I got this!
Anyway- I have been stocking up on the cutest prints and have seem to have found myself liking the AIO diapers with inserts best. However, I plan to test a bunch out and see what I like and build a bigger collection based on my little experiment! This could mean trouble for this fabric/pattern junkie as I DID NOT realize how cute and comfy cloth diapering can be!
Recently, I heard of Rumparoos and started a membership on Kangacare to earn points and guess what?! Today they went live with their new Rumparoos/Kangacare prints Quinn & Dexter! Can you say cute?!

I have heard so many great things about Rumparoos on cloth diapering forums & Facebook groups so at $25.95 I had to add some of these cuties to baby Lucca’s collection!


Aren’t these just adorable?! Ahh! You can find them on and earn points in the meantime!Also, be sure to like Rumparoos & Kangacare on facebook to get inside info on future new prints, sales and advice!

Do you cloth diaper? What is your favorite brand/print?

Happy Cloth diapering!

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