Sweet Memories Quilts (SMQ) Organics

Around the time we decided we would cloth diaper with baby #3, I caught wind of people using cloth wipes instead of your regular ole’ disposable ones. This sparked an interest in me because as a family we are trying to be more eco-friendly and make sure that we use products that do not contain harmful chemicals for ourselves or the environment.I don’t want that yucky stuff on me and I sure as heck don’t want it on my baby!

Anyway, I was excited to find Smq Organics and as the name states, they specialize in handmade organic and eco-friendly crib sheets and accessories. With much excitement, we were able to try out some of ultra popular Organic Bummy wipes! Ta-da!
These cloths are a great wat to keep baby chemical free while reducing the impact of disposable wipes on our environment- just what I’m looking for! They are also non-allergenic and will not irritate baby’s delicate skin! They can be used with warm water, but Smq has some recipes on hand as well:

Homemade Baby Wipes Recipe:
Reusble cloth squares or Wash cloths

1 Tbsp unscented all natural liquid soap
a couple of drops os tea tree oil
a couple of drops of lavender oil
3/4 cups of water
a suitable container with a lid

*Just put cloths in the container, then mix the remaining ingredients and pour the solution into the container!

You can also use this recipe with the following household ingredients:
1 Tbsp unscented all natural baby shampoo,body wash or bubble bath liquid
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
3/4 cups chamomile tea

They suggest getting creative, but also don’t forget to change your liquid out every couple of days to keep it fresh!
If things could’nt get any easier, you just machine wash & dry them- easy as cow pies! Ahem, I mean pie! 😉


If you are interested in using cloth wipes, I highly suggest Smq Organics! These will certainly be used in my home & carried along with us in my baby bag!
They have sample packs of their Organic soy wash cloths for 99 cents
baby wipes

AND assortment packs of 20 wipes for $19.99!

To check out their shop visit them on Etsy by clicking here and be sure to let Jenn know we sent you!
* Also, you can “like” Smq Organics on Facebook to get the scoop on their shop along with sales and promo codes! At this time, they are offering a special code to those that purchase over $100!

Much love!

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