ApRi Coffee bean sacks & more!

We received a package the other day that is sure to have all coffee lovers alike head-over-heels!
ApRi sent us one of her upcycled burlap bags made from coffee bean sacks from the New England area. They are made from Jute, which is a natural fiber in the hemp family that is compostable, biodegradable, sustainable and grown without pesticides or fertilizers!The bags are on at least its second use and have traveled around the world!

Aren’t they adorable? I will admit that I tend to lean towards items with a lot of color- but I appreciate and love the natural look of burlap all the same! Plus, my husband will be pleased to find his trunk isn’t completely full of flowery, colorful & dare I say girly printed bags! This is a bag for everyone, y’all!
These eco-friendly bags measure 20″ x16″ x 7″ with 22″ & retail for $16. They are the perfect bag to take to market & I can’t wait to take mine! I usually bring a few bags, but since this one is bigger and sturdier than the rest of my collection, I won’t need to bring any others along!

Each of ApRi’s bag listings are for one random grocery bag & they are sure to please! Besides, who doesn’t like a surprise especially when it comes to owning your very own one-of-a kind bag!? I’m a fan!
coffee bag

They also make some rad wallets! Check it out:

AND more!

Meet the artist:
This is April, owner and operator of ApRi. ApRil doesn’t drive a car, she drives a sewing machine. She mostly thinks about two things, sewing and coffee. When not “driving” she has her pen in a coloring book, or is weaving with her table loom. Most days April is shuffling burlap sacks, french pressing beans and looking for a jump rope partner.

To get your bag & check out more from ApRil click here and feel free to use the code: facebook at checkout to receive FREE SHIPPING!
Also, be sure to follow her on Facebook to get the scoop on current sales, promo codes & new listings!

Gettin’ my market on in style,

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