RiverLouie-Beautiful Convertible Dresses at an affordable price

Last Friday I received two of the most beautiful (and ULTRA comfortable) dresses & knew instantly that they were the perfect dresses for my upcoming maternity shoot!
These are the two exact dresses I got! One was a long, flowy dress in “wine” that measures approximately 42″ from seam to hem. This dress retails for $50
The next dress (my favorite) was a shorter dress in “egg yolk” and it measures approximately 25″ from seam to hem. This dress retails for $30
Here is a sample of the colors you can choose from:

RiverLouie took my underbust measurements for a secure fit, and the dresses fit me to a t! They also were kind enough to send me three pages full of instructions on how to wrap these beauties, and then after experimenting with those, I got creative and came up with a bunch of different ways to wrap it! I am so in love with the possibilities! You can wrap these over 15 different ways ways so that women of all shapes and sizes can look and feel beautiful. Whether styled as the One Shoulder or the Grecian Twist, it will flatter your body type! These dresses surpassed my expectations and were even more beautiful in person! I received so many compliments on these dresses & a lot of ladies asking, “Where can I get one”?!!!

So, you want to see me rockin’ my baby belly in these beauties?! Well, alright!

You can check out more photos from this shoot at Caitlin Mathews Photography!

So, what do you think?! I am in love with the dresses and I know that I will be getting multiple uses out of them! So whether you are looking for the perfect bridesmaids dresses, maternity dress, or just simply love a dress you can convert into any style- RiverLouie has something for you!

Be sure to show all your lady friends this hot spot for beautiful and affordable dresses for all occasions! You can find them on Etsy by clicking here or you can go directly to their website

Happy dress hunting!

12 thoughts on “RiverLouie-Beautiful Convertible Dresses at an affordable price

  1. Our Bridesmaids are considering this convertible dress; looks great. Where is this company located. Do you think the dress would accommodate plus size women? Thanks!

    • I highly recommend them! They are not only stunning, but also VERY comfortable. This company is located in CA, and I got mine from their Etsy shop RiverLouie. They take your measurements so I’m pretty sure they can accommodate to women of all sizes. I would definitely ask just to make sure πŸ™‚

  2. Hi! How long did it take you to receive the dresses? I ordered them on-line and haven’t really heard too much since then.

  3. I have. Haven’t heard back from them. I guess it’ll be a bit of a waiting game. I’m sure it’s a busy season. If you have any contacts other than their e-mail on their website, let me know! I appreciate the quick response. You look GREAT in the dresses! They are beautiful!

  4. Hi, We ordered 4 bridesmaid dresses at the beginning of March and have sent several emails with no response? Any suggestions? I can’t find a phone number. Thanks.

    • Claudia you are the third person who has asked me that! Wow! Did you ladies order from etsy or their online shop via RL website? Either way, I would think you ladies would have your orders by now 😦

      • I also ordered bridesmaid dresses from them on February 15th and haven’t heard anything! My wedding is in 19 days and I have no bridesmaid dresses!! Very nervous and scared that my wedding will be ruined with not having dresses for my girls! 😞

  5. I disputed the charges with PayPal, (along with our other bridesmaids) and we’ll get either an answer or our money back in 10 days. I’ll let you know how it goes. They took their website off of Etsy. Still sad we won’t get to wear these and have to find all our dresses on much shorter notice.

    • Yes I tried emailing them…i have emailed them about 5 times and had no response…and they are no longer on etsy! But we are also disputing our charges with pay pal! Very sad that my girls are not able to wear these beautiful dresses! 😩

  6. Update. We won our disputes with RiverLouie and had our money returned via PayPal. They said they were going after them but so far I’ve not heard anything else. It’s a shame. You can still place orders on their website, (although they are no longer on etsy) which seems wrong.

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