TyeDyeArt – Bright and colorful tye-dye creations & more!

Are you gearing up to celebrate on July 4th? Maybe I’m a little crazy, but with two boys and one on the way I have to prepare a little earlier than some! For the last couple of years we have made it a tradition to throw the boys in tye dye on July 4th, and I am super excited to share with you guys and gals my recent find on Etsy: Tye Dye Art! She makes the cutest tye-dyed shirts and onesies that I ever laid my eyes on!
Can you say creative?! I’m not sure what kind of magic she does to make these look so vibrant and artsy- but I’ll take it! Plus, at $14 per onesie, how could you say no?! Adorable! Plus, they are made from 100% cotton & they are soft as can be!

I’m a woman that loves color in her life and I will be milking every opportunity to throw this onesie on baby Lucca! You better believe it!
Even if you aren’t searching for something for July 4th, these are still a great way to celebrate summer itself, and they would make a great gift that baby can wear for almost any occasion!I will say, though, that Gerber’s onesie run a little small so it is a good idea to buy a size or two up…but don’t worry, Tye Dye Art has a sizing chart included in each of their listings, so if you have any questions about size this can be very helpful!

***Tye Dye art starting creating their art back in 1997, when owner and operator, Merri found a book about tye-dye, and discovered Dharma Trading Co. She started off making spirals, but has graduated to more complex designs, some still including spirals big and small 🙂
She truly loves making these shirts and onesies and hopes to broaden her selection and size options soon!***

Here is a little more from Tye Dye Art:
Smokey onesie $14:
Newborn layette $22:
Heart onesie $14:
Tye dye onesie $14:
AND this great deal:
2 for 1 Promo toddler tees (only $10!)

To check out more unique & bright onesies by Tye Dye Art click here and be sure to let her know we sent you! You can also visit her on facebook for news on new items, coupon codes & sales!

P.s- I will be posting pictures of my little guy sportin’ Tye Dye Art soon!

Much love,

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