JuneBugs by Brandy!

For those of you who know me and my family personally, you know that we love to garden. It is our dream to have a full-functioning family garden someday; to have beets, carrots, broccoli and greens fresh at our fingertips! We have helped with Mamaw & Papaw’s garden some, and there is nothing more therapeutic and rewarding than time spent out there. It’s so peaceful and quiet.

For the last few years we’ve made do with a small herb garden: It’s got a few tomato plants, chives, a few different types of peppers and BASIL!

*My husband makes the best pesto with our basil and used to sell it in local markets. These days, he helps local organic farmers sell their produce in markets and I often tag along to help sell local honey, soaps & items from the Texas Cheese House! We love being a part of the community and the hard work & love put into it that brings us all together!

Maybe someday we’ll have our big garden, but for now we’ll settle for what we have and continue to make the short trip over to mamaw & papaw’s house to help them pick carrots from their garden! 😉

Anyway, I was searching through Etsy the other day, looking for everything under sun related to gardening. I found heirloom seeds, planters and gazed over the many creative raised beds! I decided to search for Lucca some bibs and stumbled upon this bib! You could probably imagine my excitement! I found the cutest bib on Etsy made by a sweet little shop called JuneBugs!
It is made from 100% cotton VEGGIE fabric with terry cloth backing and snap closure! Can you see my happy dance from here?!
This isn’t my first rodeo, and I know better than to invest in of a bunch of tiny little bibs. Babies grow fast, and what I need is something comfortable, soft, but sturdy and something that will last more than a few months! This one-size bib is exactly what I am looking to stock up on and at $8.07 a piece that won’t be hard to do!
My little celery & carrot lover had to try this on! Hehe.

Even if you aren’t a veggie lover, JuneBugs many other printed bibs to choose from, including many other gifts such as earrings, onesies, cosmetic bags ,hats & more!
To check out more from JuneBugs click here and be sure to stop by their Facebook page and show some love!

Peas, love & veggies!

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