My Stash!

Cloth diapering is something I should have started with my first, but at that time I was convinced it was going to be too hard to do.
Now that I have spent more time researching it, and the many options out there, I have decided to dive into it head first.
I will admit, I’m a fabric junkie. I love bright colors and cute prints.
This could be bad! Haha. I am already slighhhhhtly addicted. But, I got a little bit of this and that to see what I like. Wish me luck!
No, seriously, wish me luck! I’m sure it can’t be that tough! I have a 6 year old, and just finished potty training my 2 year old. I have see some gross things and I feel I am pretty well prepared- but we’ll see.

I thought about joining the new subscription box Cotton Booty, but haven’t decided yet. Basically, it is a subscription box that comes once a month and sends you one name brand diaper along with other goodies such as cloth diaper detergent and samples associated with cloth diapering. It’s $24.99, and it seems like a sensible way to discover new goodies. Plus, most cloth diapers cost at least $24, so it would be well worth it in my opinion! I like surprises, I just may have to sign up 😉

If you guys and gals have any tips, please share! What is your favorite brand? Do you use a toilet sprayer? Where can I find a good wetbag?! I’m interested!

Thanks! Diaper on my friends!


8 thoughts on “My Stash!

  1. I’m about a month into my 2nd attempt at cloth at loving it this time round! I feel way more knowledgeable this time. I’m diapering 1 1/2 (my oldest is working on potty training). This time I got a diaper sprayer and it is ABSOLUTELY worth the expense in my opinion! I don’t dread those poopy dipe as much any more, just the overnight ones. 😉

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