Monogramsandmore2 -Personalized cups for your little cuties!

Check out these adorable trainer cups by Monogramsandmore2!
You can get your own personalized set of cups for your little guy or gal for only $10.00!
Sometimes my littles have disputes over whose cup is whose, and since this shop is full of so many color options (cup & monogram wise) we won’t have that problem!
Color choices:
Font options:
trainer cups.jpg1
I often find that toddler cups are WAY bigger than they should be, but these are the perfect size!!! They will come in handy for a number of different occasions, but especially when my little guy wakes up in the night to get a sip of water!
He’s already sort of attached, claiming: ” I love my new favorite cups”! Hehe!

These cute cups would also be great for parties, playdates, day-care, or on-the-go families šŸ™‚

Here are a few other trainer cups from monogramsandmore2:
trainertrainer cups
Monogrammed wine glasses:
Car (and more!) monogram:
ipad & laptop monograms:

To get your personalized decals for an affordable price,be sure to check out Monogramsandmore2!

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