The Green Corduroy Book-mini journal for caputuring moments

Kids say (and do) the darndest things! Ridiculous,thought provoking,amusing,certainly unforgettable…except we do forget, unless we write them down!
That is why Marian Pond and her husband (parents to eight children) created The Green Corduroy Book!This little book makes it easy to keep all your cherished memories & quotes all in one place!

The Green Corduroy Book has over 60 pages & Most of them are lined pages for you to write your own stories on, while others are filled with some of the adorable stories & quotes shared by other families! Too cute!
We started writing down things my oldest son would say since he was very young, but they are all in either his baby book, scrap books, scattered and less organized than I would like 😦 I may not have eight kids, but I’m working on my third and it is the small things like this, that truly make things a little easier for moms and dads & for that I am thankful!

I have been keeping mine in a place that is easy for me to access: my purse! I’ll be thanking myself later when I am able to share these precious memories with family, friends and my own kids once they are older!
Here are a few of my entries:
When your kid says something hilarious, take the 20 seconds you have between laundry, groceries, and trips to soccer practice to jot it down. In no time, a cute little book becomes a family treasure— a keepsake collection of the funniest moments you have with your kids.

These retail for $9.95 a book & would make great gifts from grandma, mom, sister, husband or friend to celebrate and last through the adventures of motherhood!

To learn more about The Green Corduroy Book & to start your own collection click here and be sure to let them know Lotusbebarefoot sent you!


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