Nusery art by NameThatKid and Co!

What’s in a name? So very much! A child’s name is uniquely special and meaningful to new parents. It represents history, family, tradition, and shared experience. It’s always the culmination of long considered options and creative discussion! The name is powerful and held dear and the naming of a child is an occasion to be marked!

NameThatKid and Co. specializes in making Name Art prints, and has been doing it for over 25 years, so when we found them we knew they were just the right people to customize some art for us! Love!

These come in 8×10 & highlight a child’s name and meaning. They are printed on archival paper ready to be framed, gift wrapped and hung on a nursery wall. These retail for $25!

When you order, just convo them with the child’s name. They will research it and confer with you to make sure you get something that reflects the family’s style and world view. Many names have multiple meanings – some religious, some more ethnic- and it is often possible to choose from many options.
We decided to go for the airplanes print! Lucca’s room is full of color and these signs are a perfect fit!

Lorene, founded Name That Kid and Co. as a young mother back in the early 1980’s. Most of the artwork is stuff that she created, including their unique alphabet. Lorene sold her prints at craft shows and actually had her prints in little mom and pop type “Hallmark” stores all over the country at one point.

She “retired” from the business aspect, and her son and daughter in law took over about 5 years ago. They put the business online (it was just an 800 number before that!) and had a website for a few years. They are new to Etsy and just recently just moved the entire operation over there because they love the format. They continue to “commission” new artwork from Lorene, and have even added a few designs of their own!

Most importantly, they have customers who have come back over and over again for 25 years, who bought prints for their own kids and are now buying for their grandchildren! They love the positive feedback and feel honored to be a part of their lives!

Here is a peek at more of their amazing artwork:
Mermaids $25:
Batman $25:
Monkeys $25:
Gardening theme $25:
Angels $25:
Noah’s Ark Theme $25:

To see more super cute prints from NameThatKid and Co. click here and be sure to let them know we sent you!

meaning {fiery beacon} 😉

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