LIL’ NELL baby pilot hats!

I just hit 30 weeks and I have started full-out nesting mode! I’m serious, you guys be careful coming to my house ! 😉
Anyway, I have been putting a lot of thought into what I am going to be bringing with us to the hospital when baby Lucca is born, as I hope to prepare myself as much as I can without over-packing or forgetting something I wish I hadn’t!
With that being said,I know that there will be a lot of pictures taken, and while I am still in search of the perfect sleeper/outfit for my little man, I have found the perfect hat & I will be choosing his outfit to match! Hehe!
We found these organic pilot hats on Etsy, in a cute little shop called LIL’ NELL!
A true European style it forms to baby’s head curving down towards the chin and nicely covering the ears. The strings can be firmly tied or left loose and hanging. Tying them enhances your little once chubby lil’ cheeks and keeps him from pulling it off! We ordered a newborn cap for pics, and at the age, we won’t have to worry about little Luc pulling it off anyway 😉

These hats are all lined or two layers & makes them a great value for they can be worn inside out giving you usually a solid colored hat as well as a printed one. The knit material is extremely soft and stretchy, allowing you to wear the hat a little big if needed and as baby’s head grows it becomes more fitted.

These adorable organic pilot hats are $19, but you can also get them in a set with one of their matching swaddle blankets for only $45!

Here are some more adorable hats by LIL’ NELL:
Sorbet Dots set $45:
Black and Green Chevron set $32.95:
Twin girl hats $15 a piece:
Unisex Swaddle set $27.95:
Red Floral Swaddle set $27.95:
Baby girl pilot hat $17:

To check out more hats & sets from LIL’ NELL click here and be sure to let them know LotusBeBarefoot sent you!

*Be sure to keep an eye on baby while wearing this hat to make sure they don’t pull it over their face or too tight. Also, make sure that he/she doesn’t sleep in it. Thanks!

Much Love,

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