Jeca Creations: Eco friendly items for Mama & baby!

Summer is finally here, and while this Texas heat has been scorching for quite some time, I am on the lookout for ways to make things a little easier for myself during this last stretch before baby Luc arrives!

I will say that I am VERY thankful for my husband, who has been by my side to help me find comfort when needed & corral our crazy children (ha!) while this heat and size of my belly has made it more difficult that usual! I am also very thankful for air conditioning, iced beverages, sunscreen & all the little things that make a BIG difference!

Speaking of little things, have you guys & gals ever used wet bags? I have heard of them, but never thought it was something we would really use, BUT I was wrong!
After finding Jeca Creations & trying out their top-notch quality wet-bags, we were hooked!
The outside of the bag is a cotton blend fabric & the inside of the fabric PUL. The bag has a zipper closure & it also has a snap loop on the corner so that it can hang from a bathroom stall, changing table or on the stroller!
Seriously, this bag is great for a variety of things :swim suits, wet towels, gym clothes… anything! This bag measures at 11″ wide by 14″ long & it also has a one inch bottom on it for added room. Plus, Jeca Creations’ bags can easily hold around 4 cloth diapers and a couple of soiled outfits!

These are going to come in handy whether I’m taking my potty-training toddler to the park for a play-date,going to the swim park, or need a place to put Lucca’s soiled inserts! I won’t have to use plastic bags {{cringe}} or worry about anything leaking all over the place!

If you already have a wet bag, I still advise you to try out Jeca Creations 😉 quality made wet bags! You can help to support small business, while shopping for quality items that were made with love! You can’t get any better than that!! Plus, I have seen/felt the quality of some top name brands wet bags, and Jeca Creations just does it better! These would make an excellent gift for those with children, or without!

Even if you already have a bag you love, Jeca Creations has a variety of eco-friendly items for both mama & baby:
Snack bags:
OOAK Doll of Hope Matryoshka Doll :
Unpaper towels:
Pocket cloth diapers (on SALE for $8!!!):
Nursing pads:
Car seat canopies:
Flannel/Minky cloth washcloths/wipes:

To see more from Jeca Creations click here & be sure to visit them on facebook!

Much love,

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