Uprising Botanicals

If you didn't know this, we are one handmade-lovin' family! We have a passion for supporting small businesses for a number of reasons, and shops like Uprising Botanicals make me want to do a little happy dance!

Uprising Botanicals is known for their luxurious delicately scented handmade soaps & we finally got our hands on some! ;)
We got the chance to try "Tropical Ginger". Sweet & spicy, and super emollient! Oh, and natural! These are $6.40 a bar & I can already tell you I am going to need some more!

Next, I got to try their amazing sugar scrub! It is made with organic demerara sugar, olive oil, coconut body wash & cinnamon essential oil! I would have never thought of mixing coconut and cinnamon, but these two pair together so well! I have never smelled anything like it & most importantly, it exfoliates and leaves my skin feeling SO smooth! Delish!

And last, but not least: Uprising Botanicals roll-on perfume in "Isis".
Made with coconut oil, jojoba oil & Egyptian musk blend, this perfume carries a nice, delicate scent that is very clean! It is a perfect blend that isn't over-powering, and it stays on all day! I can't stop smelling myself! ;)

Uprising Botanicals also offers a "Soap of the month" box! These boxes retail for $30.00 and you get 4-5 luxurious soaps!

To check out more by Uprising Botanicals click here & be sure to check them out on facebook as well!

Treat yourself!

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