Buffalo Gal Organics

We received some amazing products from Buffalo Gal Organics this week and I can’t wait to tell you about them! Buffalo Gal Organics is made with pride in Buffalo NY & they handcraft a number of products from perfume to body butter!
All items are handcrafted by Perfumer & Chemist Kasia Cummings and are so good they have been included in BUST magazine & featured at the Daytime Emmy Awards in 2011!

First we tried their Buffalo Gal Pure Moisture Lotion! These are available in unscented or their Buffalo Gal Signature Scent (sweet orange, lavender, yuzu fruit, blonde tobacco and Tonka bean…) We got the Signature Scent & it smells very clean, fresh and earthy! I am familiar with the scent of lavender, but the other scents included in this lotion really set it apart from the others! 🙂
😀 Oooooh! Ahhhhhh!
Look how moisturized & happy my skin looks! I love it! It’s too bad you can’t smell it from here 😉

*Made from 80% Organically Certified Ingredients
*Organically + naturally preserved
*Paraben + Silicone Free
*Gluten Free
*Never tested on animals…just willing humans
*Handmade with love, intention + good karma

This 4 oz. bottle retails for $12

Next, we sampled their vegan Starry Night lip balm!
Definitely Not your regular Lip Balm! Argan Oil comes to save the day… for really chapped lips. Flavored with Sweet orange, blood orange and tangerine essential oils for a subtle touch of aromatherapy. This balm is perfect for summertime, so get yours while it is still on sale for the amazing price of $4!

Here are a few other items from Buffalo Gal Organics that strike our fancy:

Just Brilliant Facial Cleansing Oil $18:
Keep Calm and Take a Bath soak $13:
Om Your Karma- Organic Shea Butter Balm $20:
Pure Moisture Serum for Eye and Face $29:
Buffalo Gal Rough Rider Body Scrub $9:
Perfume for the Star Struck Soul $15:

AND a little treat from Buffalo Gal Organics to you!

Buffalo Gal Organics shop:
Buffalo Gal Organics Facebook:


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