Maddie & Sophie : Gluten-Free Vegetarian Body and Skin Care

Maddie and Sophie is inspired by owner Michelle’s grandmothers: Maddie & Sophie!

Her goal with this line of body and skin care products is to provide “good and good-for-you” gluten-free, natural options for beauty junkies that have illnesses, allergies, or sensitive skin and need or simply want to avoid some of the chemical-laden products out there! If it isn’t possible to make it 100% pure- Maddie & Sophie don’t make it!
My family is familiar with the harmful effects of gluten intolerance and celiac disease, and as I read the story of Maddie & Sophie & Michelle I could truly relate to their experiences! I am thankful for all of knowledge we have gained about the effects of gluten over the last year & I don’t think that I would have ever realized it was such an issue for me if I hadn’t started eating Paleo…. and then having some ‘cheat days’ months later! I’m convinced that gluten just isn’t good for anyone. Period.
Anyway- You can’t even imagine how excited I am about this line of beauty care. I am on cloud 9 you guys!! No itchiness or dry skin from me! Nope! 😀

Here is what we got to try from Maddie & Sophie! Four of their amazing, top-notch and wonderfully scented items from their glam (for women) and kid care (for kids)! 😀

DSC03682 Mane: moisturizing/volumizing/texturizing spray-in hair treatment composed of all natural ingredients – very light, but moisturizing and volumizing – can be used on wet or dry hair – adds volume, texture, and sheen without weighing down hair (even fine hair like mine) – lovely natural white tea and musk scent (shake well before use) I’m always struggling to find something that isn’t going to add too much shine to my hair, or dry it out. This concoction is spot-on and is doing wonders for my mane! P.S- It smells amazing!!!!

($35, 118 ml, 4 oz)

Skin: A highly concentrated natural skin serum derived from organic argan oil, organic evening primrose oil, organic tamanu oil, organic sea buckthorn oil in a base of organic jojoba oil (this combo makes me glow) – argan oil is high in oleic and linoleic acids and is one of the finest natural healing moisturizers – sea buckthorn oil and evening primrose oil are excellent anti-inflammatory/anti-aging moisturizers and tamanu oil relieves and heals blemishes and skin irritations – jojoba oil is an intensive natural moisturizer that absorbs without leaving an oily residue – these oils are often found in expensive anti-aging skin care lines mixed with various chemicals and other ingredients – This skin oil is made of the finest, pure organic oils (no fillers or chemicals) – it is easy to apply and a little goes a long way (1-2 pumps/drops for the face and neck) – it absorbs easily, heals and soothes, and multi-tasks as both a daytime moisturizer and a concentrated nighttime treatment – soothing, natural white tea aromatherapy scent (smells great for daytime and nighttime applications and exudes a sense of calm) My face tends to feel much drier than usual with this pregnancy and this skin serum is just what I need! It made my face feel SO refreshed and vibrant! As a matter of fact, the first time I applied the serum, I decided to go au natural for the day!!!! I am in such awe that I have found the best face serum ever and it is gluten-free! Hallelujah! 😀

($60, 30 ml, 1 oz)

Moisturizing Butter:
This stuff is amazing! It’s an all-over intensive moisturizer with organic coconut oil, organic olive oil and organic sea buckthorn oil – scrumptious natural cocoa scent – great for sensitive, eczema-prone skin and much more!

($45, 118 ml, 4 oz)

Gentle Cleanser: An all-in-one body and hair wash for kids with organic coconut, organic olive, and organic avocado oils (my son loves this in the tub) – yummy natural vanilla scent – please note that this is not a tear-free formula, so take care around the eye area. I love the delicate scent of vanilla, it smells so pure! It has a similar consistency to castile soaps, but I found that this wash is much easier to spread than castile soaps and leaves skin feeling hydrated and baby soft!!I know this is for my littles but I wouldn’t mind using it myself! Try it & you will see what I mean!

($30, 236 ml, 8 oz)

We are so thrilled to have discovered Maddie & Sophie and couldn’t thank them more for introducing us to their line of products! I had a really hard time deciding which products where my favorite since I love them all, but if I had to choose I would have to pick the face serum! 🙂
I plan to try their Gloss and Essence next, though, and once I do, you can expect me to tell you all about it!

Yep, You can probably guess where I’m going next time I need to purchase a gift!

Truly made with effective ingredients from the heart 🙂
To learn more about Maddie & Sophie you can visit the links below & be sure to let them know Lotus Be Barefoot Sent you!

Maddie and Sophie’s Store:
Maddie and Sophie’s Facebook:
Maddie and Sophie’s Twitter:
Maddie and Sophie’s Etsy Shop:


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