Goddess Verde: Chemical Free & Vegan Skincare

We received out package from Goddess Verde today! Their products NEVER contain: parabens, sulfates, animal fats, by-products, petroleum products (mineral oil or paraffin), phthalates, synthetic fragrance, or artificial color!
No animal fats are used, ever their products! They are also 100% cruelty free, gluten-free & they use 100% pure essential oils for fragrance- not synthetic fragrances! All of these things are very important to me and my family, and while companies like this are far and few between, we had to see what Goddess Verde had to offer! 🙂
We got their Vegan lotion bar, Comfrey Cure healing salve, Vegan coffee scrub soap & their Divine anti-aging serum! So exciting!
This HEALING SALVE is 100% chemical + preservative free & vegetarian. It contains pure skin loving jojoba & olive oils infused with healing organic herbs of organic comfrey leaves, calendula & chamomile flowers. These ingredients have been used since ancient times for their skin healing properties. They infuse their oils with healing herbs for 24 hours over a low heat, so that the herbal benefits are extremely concentrated within the oils. Lavender & Egyptian Geranium Essential Oils provide antibacterial & healing benefits, which also give this salve a ‘very’ subtle floral aroma. I got a little sunburnt this past weekend and was able to use this on my nose and places on my shoulder! I also used a bit on a scratch my 2 year old had and I wish I had heard of this miracle salve sooner!
This salve can also be used to heal bruises, bug bites, irritated, and chapped skin. From what I understand, this salve works wonders on chapped lips as well! It comes in a convenient twist up .20 oz container that easily fits into a pocket or purse to take with you on the go! These retail for $6.50

Next we tried Goddess Verde’s Coffee and Cinnamon soap!
This handcrafted exfoliating soap contains pure dark roast free-trade organic coffee to naturally neutralize odors and coffee grounds to gently exfoliate – which also gives it the beautiful dramatic color that resembles chocolate fudge & almost looks good enough to eat! This soap also contains lots of shea butter & jojoba oil to condition and moisturize the skin and the essential oils of sweet orange & a hint of cinnamon oil provide a pleasing aroma. This makes a great kitchen & garden hand soap, and that is what we will be using it for because I would feel SO guilty for not sharing this with my coffee loving husband! I have been told it also works great as a bath & body bar to help reduce cellulite, since coffee has been known to help with the annoying problem!
This soap is $7.00 for 4.5-5 oz.

Goddess Verde’s Divine anti-aging serum is amazing!
This DIVINE anti-aging serum contains 10 specialty vegan oils all know for their ability to rejuvenate, regenerate, improve skin elasticity, reduce pore size, moisturize & nourish the skin. These amazing oils & essential oils improve aging skin naturally without a single chemical added!
It feels wonderful on the skin! Just apply a little to a clean face & neck at night before bed time, and your skin will feel moisturized and rejuvenated in the morning! You have never seen a pregnant lady so happy about how her face looks/feels! Yep, it’s that good y’all! You can get their full-sized 1 oz. pump bottle for $22.50! Totally worth it!

Last, but not least, their Vegan Lotion Bar! This is the stuff that I have been waiting for! Yes, please!
This ultra SOOTHING LOTION BAR contains lots of skin-nourishing oils including plentiful amounts of Shea Butter and Hemp-Seed Oil: Both are miraculous for moisturizing and healing dry skin. It also contains Mango Butter, Avocado Oil, and Grape Seed Oil, which are all also fabulous for the skin. It is pure goodness in a twist up tube!
It soothes dry, chapped and irritated skin instantly without a greasy or waxy residue: it softens and melts slightly upon contact with skin, so it’s easy to apply to dry or chapped skin whenever needed.This lotion bar has a soft texture with a minimal amount of wax, so it is easy to apply and goes on smoothly. These bars work great for my on-the-go family not only because they are convenient, but they aren’t messy like some lotions can be! This is something that belongs in my purse at all times! 😉
This lotion bar retails $19.50 for 2.2 oz!

And Check out these goodies by Goddess Verde:

Lime & Sage Soy candle, 29 oz. $29.50:

Don’t Bug me- Natural Bug repellant, 4.5 oz. mist $14.50:

Hemp Argan Jojoba Vegan Body & Face Butter, 2 oz. $16.50:

To check out more of Goddess Verde’s line of vegan/gluten-free body care items click here! You can also visit them on Facebook to keep undated on new products, promotions & sales!


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