Sea Willow Herbs!

These days, I can hardly step outside without getting attacked by mosquitos! I’m not sure why they fancy me so much, but it drives me a little insane! It is even more frustrating when they swarm after my babies & spraying them down with bug spray that is filled with unsafe ingredients was not an option I was willing to part take in!It may not say it on the bottle, but we’re going to avoid long names we can’t pronounce, and DEET at all costs! I’m sorry, but what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body, and we choose natural (preferably organic) in all aspects of our health!
My search began, and I finally found a cute little shop on Etsy called Sea Willow Herbs! Have you ever heard of them? They have very unique labeling and an adorable sense of whimsy about their products that makes their items really stand out to me and while getting bit by mosquitos etc. is not on my summer to-do list, Sea Willow Herbs, saves the day with their “Bug Stuff” body spray! This mixture of sweet smelling herbs and four essential oils makes it easy to Un-Friend bugs naturally! It Feels wonderful on all of those pre existing bites as well. 100% Natural and organic without icky synthetic chemicals! It smells really good too, surprising for a bug spray, but since it is made with essential oils, that totally makes since. I guess what I’m getting to, is that my kids don’t mind the scent like they do other ‘natural’ bug sprays, and that makes it a little easier for me! 😉

This spray it is super easy to take on summer trips to the beach, picnics, movies in the park, camping and more! It comes in a great light weight spray bottle. You just shake well, spray on skin and reapply when scent begins to fade! Goodbye buggies!

-No synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives or other harmful chemicals
-Made in small batches with love
-100% natural and organic
– Scented with only pure essential oil
– Recyclable 1 oz Brown PET Plastic Spray Bottle
– Please convo me if you are interested in a glass bottle option
-For Adults and Children nine and up.
-Comes packaged in a natural muslin draw string pouch hand stamped by Sea Willow Herbs!

Organic Lavender, Organic citronella, Peppermint and Lemongrass Essential Oils, Witch Hazel, Lavender Hydrosol and Lavender Water! Nice & simple!
This 1 oz. spray retails for $9.00!

They also package these in sets for wedding/party favors!
bug stuff
You can get 50 spray bottles for $175.00!

Sea Willow Herbs has a variety of items in their shop, many of which are included on my “try next” list! Here is a little peek:

Magic Muscle Balm 1 oz. $12.00:

Chamomile & Lavender Sea Salt Scrub 1 oz. $5.00:

Dandelion Flower oil 1 oz. $10.00:

After Sun cold Gel Treatment 1 0z. $10.00:

I am very impressed with this shop & hope they keep up the great work! We’ll be back to visit them for more bug spray and other goodies soon! Thanks Sea Willow Herbs!

To see more from Sea Willow Herbs click here! Be sure to find them on Facebook as well!

Bug free & fancy free,

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