Comfy Clothing: Nursing and Birthing gowns!

You looked so pretty on your wedding day. Every little detail was planned and worked out for that special day. Then why should it be any different when your baby arrives? Imagine those first photos of you with your little one in your arms at the hospital.. wouldn’t you want to wear a pretty gown that you have very thoughtfully decided upon, instead of the green or blue hospital gowns? You sure want to look like the most gorgeous new-mom ever!! With this thought, Comfy Clothing was born, bringing the world a range of happy hospital delivery gowns and nursing robes.
This gown is Mid calf Length, but you can choose your desired length – Ankle / mid calf / knee.
It has snaps down the back for ease with the hospital procedures
and snaps on the sleeves for ease of feeding.
It has a drawstring at the waist to enhance your pretty belly &
The gown is VERY versatile, as you can continue to wear it even afterwards!

This lovely gown retails for $38.00!

I also got to try another adorable gown by Comfy Clothing!
This gown is KNEE / MID CALF Length & it also has snaps down the back for ease with the hospital procedures!
These would make a wonderful and thoughtful gifts for the baby shower!

You can get this Blush Birthing Gown for only $36.00!

To see more Birthing gowns, maternity robes & bridesmaids robes from Comfy Clothing click here!
You can also visit their sister shop Maternity shop Comfy Mommy to see brand new prints and designs made specially for moms!

Keepin’ Comfy,

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