Lemon Tree Paper Co.

How many pieces of mail do you send out? Think about all of the bills, invitations and greeting cards-it really adds up! Are you spending your time handwriting all of those return addresses or using cute but expensive address labels? What if there is something just as fun, but less expensive? There is! Lemon Tree Paper Co. makes Custom Address Stamps in an amazing amount of styles! Recently, we had them make one especially for us!
Lemon Tree Paper Co. sent us an e-mail almost immediately after I placed my order that showed me proof of my stamp! After that, it was made into a stamp and I received it within a few days! Awesome!

These stamps come all dressed up for gift giving, too! They arrive in their very own gift bag! These would make the BEST housewarming gifts, don’t you think!?!!

The quality of the stamp is wonderful and it feels structurally solid and very well made. The impression is even, crisp and consistent. I am thrilled with how professional and classy it makes our out-going mail look in addition to saving me valuable time!


This ‘Remington’ style custom stamp retails for $35!

Here are a few more amazing items from Lemon Tree Paper Co. :

‘Samantha’ Return Address Stamp $20.00:

‘Sofia’ Return Address Stamp $35.00:

‘Pleasantview’ Return Address Stamp $35.00:

‘Cupid’ Return Address Stamp $20.00:

‘Haddon’ Return Address Stamp $35.00:

Lemon Tree Paper Co. Etsy shop:

Lemon Tree Paper Co. Facebook:

Have fun with your snail mail!


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