Modern Mummy Maternity

These last few weeks my belly has grown A LOT and from here on out, I expect to be gaining more healthy baby weight! This last stretch is no joke, ladies! Well, much to my relief, I received a very special package all the way from
Melbourne, Australia last week! Inside my package was one of Modern Mummy Maternity’s classic ‘Nikki’ maternity dress/tunic- just what I needed!
Nursing Top -Tunic. Maternity Dress Early Maternity Top. Breastfeeding Top.
• Round neckline with buttons that open to reveal an underlay for easy nursing access
• Striped Fabric with Bold coloured Top
• Long-line slimming design
• Half-length straight cut sleeves
• Made of soft combed cotton
• Suitable for Early Maternity and Breastfeeding
• Can be worn as a tunic with leggings or as a DRESS


This lovely tunic/dress is SO comfortable &retails for only $33!

Here are a few more tunics & dresses by Modern Mummy Maternity:

JENNY Maternity Clothes / Nursing Tops $30:

PURPLE Nursing Tank w Built-in Tankini $24:

MACY Maternity top $24:

CARO Maternity Cardigan top $38:

KELLY Maternity Dress $38:

To see more from Modern Maternity click here & be sure to let them know Lotus Be Barefoot sent you!

Have a wonderful day!

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