3 Curly Girls- Custom Creations for You and Your Little Blessings!

Now that my youngest (Until Aug!) is past the diaper stage and well into potty training, we found the perfect bag to tote his stuff in instead of lugging around his old diaper bag! Easier on us parents and easy for Asher to carry himself! Besides, even if we wanted to carry this bag for him, he wouldn’t let us because he has developed quite an attachment to it! 😉
Check it out! These bags are made by Stephen Joseph and personalized by 3 Curly Girls! Together they make a great team providing quality bags with perfect stitching!
This is the perfect preschool sized toddler backpack! It is smaller and very light, and like I said before, it is easy enough for the littles to carry themselves!It’s sturdy enough to use as a diaper bag if you choose, or to carry school supplies or his treasures and toys.

If you know my family personally, you know that Asher has mad love for his cars and anything with wheels. He enjoys riding with his daddy or papaw on the tractor and watching over as repairs are needed. We even took him to a Corvette car show back in April & I can’t even begin to explain how happy this child was!

Anyway, I could go on and on, but as you could imagine, Ash was SO excited to receive his very own backpack with his name on it! His six-year-old brother has one he takes to co-op and now he feels like such a big boy having his own & enjoys showing off his car-filled backback to everyone he comes across! 😉

This Quilted Backpack is approx. 12″ X 13″ x 4″ and is made from 100% quilted cotton twill exterior with 100% polyester lining. The bag has a draw-string top and the flap closes with a magnetic snap & adjustable back-straps so you don’t have to worry if it is going to fit your preschooler!

3 Curly Girls will personalize their bags for free & you can add a name or initials! Plus, there are 40 fonts to choose from!

In addition to pre-school/daycare/back-to-school use, these bags would also make great gifts for baby showers, birthdays, new big brother/sister etc!

Here are a few more adorable finds from 3 Curly Girls:

Boy’s Sports Duffle travel bag $25.90:

Girl’s Insulated Horse lunch box $15.95:

Girl’s Quilted Owl Preschool backpack $25.90:

Boy’s Quilted Firetruck Preschool backpack $23.85:

There are many bags to choose from at 3 Curly Girls, and if you want great customer service, good prices and quality bags, I highly suggest checking them out; you won’t be disappointed!

To check out 3 Curly Girls on Etsy click here!
Also, be sure to check out 3 Curly Girls sister shop Applique Charm for all your no-sew appliqué template needs!


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