Nikki T Skincare!

Disappointed with the effect that commercial, mass produced products were having on her and her family’s skin, Nikki decided to study formulation chemistry and the art of making skincare in order to be able to make exactly what she wanted with natural and organic ingredients that aren’t harmful to the body and make the skin beautiful. This meant she looked for the ingredients that actually made a difference to the skin.

These days she works from her very own studio right near the iconic Bondi Beach in Australia creating natural and organic beauty care products for her line of beauty care called Nikki T Skincare! Being near the sea gives her great inspiration for the products & she is committed to using natural and organic ingredients as well as non toxic structural ingredients and added extras (e.g. vegetable emulsifiers, vitamins and active extracts) that make the products a pleasure to use.

We were thrilled when Nikki sent us a few items from her line Nikki T Skincare and we have been waiting patiently to share them with you!

These lip balms are amazing, but my favorite is obviously the tinted balm!This is not an oily balm and is quite firm but as it is liberally applied it will melt onto the lips and form a nourishing and protective barrier. It can be used in place of a lipstick for a natural daytime look. I have used many tinted balms from Burts Bees and other natural companies and this balm is just as good, if not BETTER!

Next I tried her Olive leaf, kakadu, plum and mango butter hand cream! I love the smell of this nourishing cream, and I cannot stop smelling it! I generally keep hand cream in my purse or diaper bag because I tend to have dry hands and this cream is the perfect size for just that!

Does anyone else have a problem finding natural deodorant that actually works? Once again, I have tried next to everything in natural grocery stores without any luck. Once I tried Nikki T Skincare’s Natural roll on deodorant I was in love! Could it be? YES! This deodorant worked all day and I have been using it everyday since! This is a deodorant that both women and men can use, whether you are a heavy sweater or not! What can I say? I am VERY impressed!

As most of you might know, I am a serum gal! I have pretty normal skin, as I rarely break out, but sometimes my skin can get a little dry. With this serum, a little goes a long way, and once I spread on a tiny dab, I am looking like my usual glowing self! This Vitamin C anti-aging serum is a great thing to add to your collection especially if you are have dry or aging skin, and/or looking for a serum packed full of vitamins & oils!
This is easily one of my favorite items I tried from Nikki T Skincare!

And last, but not least, I tried their new Raspberry, honey & macadamia daily hand cream. This cream has a delightful raspberry-lemon scent and is working wonders on my hands as we speak! Give this one a try, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!

I was very impressed by Nikki T Skincare and they are on my favorites list for sure! To order some of her amazing products click here! You can also like Nikki T Skincare on Facebook to be among the first to hear about new products, scents, promos & sales!

Feeling pretty,

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