A Hairy Good Idea!

Breastfeeding Mommas: I have something for you! Check out this adorable little shop on Etsy Called A Hairy Good Idea! Not only does she make some of the most high-quality nursing pads, but these super absorbent cotton flannel pads are extremely affordable!

I received one of their 6 sets, (12 pc. total) These are reversible, as you can tell I showed the matching pairs, but the pad next to each is the reversed print 🙂
They are made with 4 layers of 100% cotton flannel and are approximately 5″ across. Cotton flannel is very absorbent and with 4 layers, that keeps the leaking through to a minimum. They should be changed as soon as they feel wet (not damp) so keep that in mind.

If you need more control at night when sleeping, you can just double up on these. Since these are flannel on both sides, it doesn’t matter which way you have them!

A Hairy Good Idea believes that every one of us should do what we can to keep the environment safe and clean for the future generations. What better way than to use cloth nursing pads that can be washed, and not thrown in the trash and end up in the garbage dumps around the world. Also, think of all the money you will be saving by using washable nursing pads! I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

These pads would make a wonderful a shower gift for mothers who plan to breastfeed!

This 12 pc. set retails for a great price of $10.00!

Here are some more lovely, eco-friendly items by A Hairy Good Idea:

Set of 3 dozen 100% cotton flannel baby wipes in girl (or boy) colors $24.00:

Swiffer 3 reusable duster mopping covers can be used either dry or wet $8.50:

Set of 20 fold over elastic hair ties $15:00:

Ruffle fashion scarf in blues and greens $10.00:

Newborn Owl Hat – Photography Prop $10.00:

You can check out more by A Hairy Good Idea by clicking here! Be sure to “like” them on Facebook and Twitter to get the scoop on new items, promos & sales!

Getting prepared,

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