Green Evangeline!

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope everyone is having a smooth transition into their work week from the weekend & while you might have a case of the Mondays, I am VERY excited to share with you one of my new favorite natural shops on Etsy: Green Evangeline!

Green Evangeline has developed a light, yet deeply hydrating lotion for human lovelies of every age. Aloe & Carrot Seed Lotion is appropriate for pregnant bellies, infant massage, teenage growth spurts, sunburned skin, dry itchy skin from psoriasis or eczema, and just about any condition one can come up with. It is an all-over (face and body) lotion that can be shared by all or happily hoarded by one. In my case, I plan to let my lady friends try it out, too! They always share their most awesome finds with me, and I plan to do the same with this lotion!

The whipped texture applies well and has been great even during these hot Texas days, penetrating the skin deeply without a sticky or slippery film. Herb-infused vegetable oils and essential oils support skin elasticity and the health of your epidermis – head to toe!

This cream is very nourishing and I have been using it on my bump since I got it! I’ll be taking a sample of this cream with me in my hospital bag when I deliver baby Lucca!

Each item y Green Evangeline is freshly batched & produced in owner Megan’s New Orleans kitchen she infuses the oils herself with locally sourced or organic herbs that are not locally sourced or retailed in a New Orleans-based business are certified organic. I love that she chooses not to use any sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum products, artificial dyes, fragrances, or otherwise irritating ingredients. Green Evangeline only features natural ingredients that your body can recognize and use. I couldn’t ask for more in a beauty care line!

I also had the chance to try out Green Evangeline’s healing wound salve!
Green Evangeline offers an herbal salve to promote healing of minor cuts, scratches, and abrasions. Herb-infused olive oil promotes the skin’s natural healing processes while keeping the wound moist, clean, and open to oxygen (unlike petroleum-based ointments that cut off the air supply to healing skin). Ingredients combine for a reparative salve that is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti- itch and can help reduce scarring.

Apply a liberal layer of salve over CLEAN, dry wound. Cover with a band-aid or gauze, changing daily. Once wound has closed sufficiently, massage salve into area and leave open to air. As always, use at your own discretion – not suitable for very deep or large wounds.

I can also add that this salve has been good for us for slight sunburns and bee stings 😉

To see more by Green Evangeline be sure to visit on Etsy & let her know Lotus be Barefoot sent you!


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