Owie Preggi Pillows- The Ultimate Travel pillow for ideal tummy comfort!

As my belly gets bigger, I have found that I have started to dread car rides. I could blame it on the road work they are doing on my street or the Braxton Hicks contractions that have been throwing me for a loop, but, honestly, the thing I dread most is my seat belt and how it squeezes my underbelly! It doesn’t matter if I’m the one in the driver’s seat, I just haven’t been about to find a way to get comfortable.
You ladies know what I mean! So, when I found Owie Pillow I squealed for joy! Could it be? A pillow that will provide comfort for my growing belly while I’m at the wheel? I had to see what this pillow was all about!
This pillow was created by another mom who simply wanted to feel comfortable in her ride!
It came with easy to follow instructions on how to properly use the pillow & you can bet your bottom dollar I started using my pillow as soon as I could!
I am very impressed by the quality of this pillow & It is very light and easy to attach and detach from the belt! This evening we invited some friends to dinner and we all rode in our vehicle. I was able to remove my pillow and put it in a different location without stalling the trip. Easy as can be and SO worth it! I wish that I had one of these pillows during my other pregnancies!

This Owie pillow comes in your choice of pink, white or black & retails for only $34.99! Plus, it can be used by those suffering from abdominal injuries (C-sections), wounds, or recent surgery.

There are many items moms will advise new parents to add to their “must have” list and this is one that I absolutely recommend! You won’t regret it!

This pillow would make an excellent gift, so all you fathers-to-be, grandmas-to-be, friends, co-workers, etc.. take note! There are many ways that pregnancy can take its toll on the body, but it is items like this pillow that make such a difference!

To get yours visit owiepillow.com!

Ride in comfort, ladies!

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