Hand Calligraphy Custom Return Stamps by Primele & Fawnsberg!

Primele is the design studio of sisters Patricia Mumau and Rachel Mumau.They began their pursuit of beautiful stationery passing letters to and from summer camp in Upstate New York.
In 2010, the hunt lead them to create their own line of stationary, Fawnsberg, where Patricia’s illustration and calligraphy could come to life in a collection of notecards and writing sheet sets. Their hope is that Fawnsberg will inspire your most delightful everyday reflections and coziest words of warmth for those you love.
We received one of their specially handcrafted stamps a few days ago and have been using it every opportunity we get! It came incased in a sturdy gift box, perfectly packaged for gifting! Swoon!
I started using mine for baby shower invites, but I can’t wait to use them to send family members photos of the kids and letters in general! These stamps definitely make snail mail a lot more fun if you ask me!

We chose a beautiful hand calligraphy stamp called “Bright”! This stamp is new to their collection & it has a hardwood maple body with an oil-rubbed finish and tumble painted red handle. Red-rubber stamp.


It is so precise and I am extremely impressed by every feature of it. I can tell it was made with care and every detail has a smooth finish. It’s so simple & elegant! Plus, I just adore the vintage feel the hardwood body gives off!
Primele even sent us a card with instructions for our stamp 🙂 Little things like this always prove to be helpful, and will make things easier for those who aren’t familiar with this style of stamp!
average stamp-print size: 1.25″ x 2.5″ and this particular stamp retails for $62!

Here are a few more wonderful items you can find in Patricia & Rachel’s shops Primele/Fawnsberg on:

Custom Return Address Stamp // SIMPLE $59:

Custom Return Address Stamp // PORT $35:

Custom Return Address Stamp // CHAMOMILE $37.50:

Custom Return Address Stamp // OAK SEAL $37.50:

Custom Return Address Stamp // HELEN $37.50:

Custom Return Address Stamp // MANCHESTER $37.50:



You can also order ink pads from their site 🙂




Simply send your love in style!

Much love,

2 thoughts on “Hand Calligraphy Custom Return Stamps by Primele & Fawnsberg!

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  2. Have been using my home and business stamps for several years and always love the beautiful craftsmanship. As a ‘stationista’ I treasure their stationery and really think twice before I use it rather than loving it!!

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