“Mama” : Natural Perfume for nesting

Nesting: The tendency to arrange one’s immediate surroundings, such as a work station, to create a place where one feels secure, comfortable, or in control


You can ask my husband, family, and friends, they will all tell you I have been stuck in nesting mode for the last couple of months! Plus, this week I am officially “full-term”, making it even harder for me to slow-down! I’m just a busy-body to begin with, but now I am constantly thinking of new places to clean, or re-clean. Um, yeah, I might be a little OCD.

Much to my relief, I was gifted this all-natural luxury roll-on perfume from Amsterdam called “Mama”by Nina’s Nature a few weeks ago and finally decided to see what it was all about!

The top note of fresh citrus opens this perfume. The scent then gently slides into a warm, mellow nest of relaxing luxury with floral notes and a base of sandalwood..

This perfume is helpful in bringing you back to your center, helping you to concentrate and to calm down & is supposed to be a perfect blend for all mama’s (to be), who can use a little help in feeling secure, safe and relaxed, in style.
It connects you with heaven and earth: it gives you the trust in letting go of control, and gently guides you into a better connection with your true Self. While I am not sure I am exactly ‘centered’, but I’m getting better 😉 I can tell you that this scent is very intoxicating/calming and I certainly feel pampered wearing it! This perfume almost takes me back to my teenage years, as it reminds me of a light version of Abercrombie’s “8” perfume!

I will continue to use this perfume and keep you all updated! To see more natural scents by Nina’s Nature click here!

What natural scents are relaxing to you?


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