Waldorf Window Stars by Bite The Paintbrush!


We received one of Bite the Paintbrush’s cheerful window star last week and I couldn’t have hung it any faster! Seriously, y’all! It arrived safely as I must admit I was a little concerned how something so delicate would be able to make it here without ripping or the slightest crinkle! BUT, rest assured, these bad boys are taken care of & sent with much care!

So, maybe you are wondering… what ARE window stars? Well, each of the patterns are made up of 24 pieces of folded kite paper & are then glued together. Kite paper is translucent, so the light shining through it creates a gorgeous kaleidoscopic effect; it also keeps the richness of its colors, even after years of direct sunlight.


They are roughly 10 inches in diameter. Bite the Paintbrush carries the rosette, star burst and matador patterns and offer other colors & combos as well If you have something special in mind, drop them a note & she’ll make it happen.

So more about our star! First off, the boys love it! Here in Texas our weather is so unpredictable and at this point we are demanding our sunshine comes back! I’m not a fan of the cold, dreary weather & I have just about have enough. In the meantime, we have been brightening our home with items like this lovely star in preparation for spring 😀

*Happy Dance*

Here are a few more awesome items from Bite the Paintbrush:

Sun and Moon Painting:

Green Man with an unusual Beard:


Window star:

To see more lovely artwork by Bite the Paintbrush click here!

Much love & cheer-

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