Zulily- Daily deals for moms, babies & kids! Aka: My new addiction ;)

A few months back I had an e-mail from one of my friends inviting me to check out an online shop called Zulily. I wasn’t very familiar with Zulily, but from the ads I had seen, I gathered that it was a site that sold baby items for discounted prices. I didn’t immediately check it out, but once I did I wasn’t very impressed. BUT, a few weeks ago I saw that they had Ergo Baby carriers for $65, and that definitely caught my eye.

I did not purchase one since I had JUST managed to find one at Marshall’s for the same price( which was just plain luck) but if I hadn’t already made that purchase, I would have, and I would have had more choices to choose from too!

Anyway, after that amazing sale I kept checking back to scope out new sales. I’m a sucker for good deals, and Zulily has really been impressing me lately! Plus, they have more than just baby items- they have stuff for toddlers, teens & Mama’s too- all at amazing prices.

Last week I purchased a few of their Rock n’ Learn dvds. My boys LOVE these & we usually check them out at the library in addition to a huge book stash. I was surprised to see them listed for $9.99 a piece, because I know these suckers retail for at least $20 a piece online & at our local teacher’s store! Anyway, I had to stock up πŸ˜‰ & here is what I ended up with:
My 6-year-old was a VERY happy camper!

After your first purchase, you get free shipping until 12 a.m. and I may have been a little tempted to get a little something for baby Lucca too! πŸ˜‰

we are huge fans of Trumpette & have used them with our youngest & have gifted them to friends & family! You have probably seen these little shoe-print socks, or something similar, but I will tell you that these guys are the originators: The Real Deal. Their socks are extremely well-made and actually stay on baby’s feet. We love ’em. I didn’t love that I paid nearly $25 for this SAME pair of little Johnny’s at a local boutique but they are the same price even if you are buying the from their site. SO- obviously at $9.99, I had to snag this great deal. THE SAME socks I paid $25 for, the only difference is that these didn’t come in the fancy Little Jonny’s box- and that is something I could really care less about!

If you haven’t checked out Zulily, or have been hesitant to, I say give it a shot! They have a lot of adorable back to school items on sale now!
Not to mention they have Keen Sandals & GDiapers on there today! EEk… someone please hide my card!

You can also refer your friends & earn $20 in credits to spend!

You can see these great Zulily deals for yourself by clicking here!

Cheers to smart shopping!

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