Milk Trays- A breast milk freezing system

Can someone explain to me why I am just now hearing about these?! I have been using the Lansinoh milk bags, which hold a lot of milk, (and will be great for donating) but for my own supply, these milk trays by Sensible Lines are godsend! My little dude is 4 months, and usually only takes a bottle of my frozen milk if I leave him with daddy while I take a vacation to the grocery store. The problem with that, is that even though I am only freezing 1-2 oz. per bag (as recommended), I either end up throwing some of it away or my hubby needs more, so he ends up having to thaw out another bag. That can be time consuming, and since I honestly can’t gauge what my little dude is eating when I am not there, these little trays come in handy! Each tray holds exactly 1 oz., you just fill each slot up to the fill line with breastmilk, and freeze! After about 3 hours, you can pop them out and add them to a huge freezer bag, and repeat. When you have errands to run, or someplace to be, you can grab it by the ounce, eliminating waste and the use of breastmilk bags altogether!
milk trays

These milk trays are very flexible, and don’t worry, they do NOT contain harmful chemicals like BPA, Phthalate, or dyes… that was my first concen, too! Once frozen, these milk sticks will fit through ALL bottle openings, even those with the bent necks. These trays are designed to be re-used, and save moms (and dads!) some money!

Here are just some simple numbers to consider……

If you were to waste only two ounces of breast milk in one day.
That equals 10 ounces wasted in one work week!
That adds up to 40 ounces wasted in one work month!
You have now wasted 480 ounces in one year!

WOW, and that is only counting just two ounces a day

Are any of you as excited about these as I am?!

These retail for $21.95 per unit & there are two trays & two lids per unit. We typically spend around $6-$10 for 25 milk storage bags, so this price is not too bad 😀
You can get these milk trays by Sensible Lines here!

No more cryin’ over wasted milk,

One thought on “Milk Trays- A breast milk freezing system

  1. I never ever thought of freezing breast milk in cubes! I always used the Mumi & Bubi trays for pureed food but never for milk! What a great idea!

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