Pitter Patter Shop- The Place to Shop!

We love hearing how many of our favorite Etsy shops came into being, and recently I had the opportunity to hear Lauren’s story and take a good look at her shop, Pitter Patter Shop!

Pitter Patter Shop was started after owner Lauren spontaneously made some booties to match her children's Christmas jammies. After seeing them on their feet, her brother suggested she open an etsy shop, so that night, after both of her littles were nestled all snug in their beds, she sat down and set up shop. She likes to refer to Pitter Patter Shop as her little Christmas miracle!
There are many adorable items in Lauren's shop, but having all boys, I was instantly drawn to the mustache pants! We decided to try them out and they were just as perfect in person!
We cloth diaper, and for those of you who do, I can easily say that these pants work well for us! We didn't have to worry about them being too big, too short, or if they would cover his bum. Well done, Pitter Patter shop! I'm impressed! 🙂

They are currently in the wash and I can’t wait to pait them up with one of Luc’s shirts for the weekend! We have already received so many compliments & are sending our friends your way, Pitter Patter Shop! ❤

These adorable pants are available in newborn- 18 months and retail for just $13!

AND even if you aren't in the market for some cute baby pants, be sure to check out Pitter Patter shop for more super chic baby/toddler items!

Here are a few of my personal favs:
Teepee $88:
Multi-colored Aztec pants $13:
Daisy set $36.50:
pp4 blue daisy

To see more from Pitter Patter shop click here!


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