Cake in The Morn


This is our second year using the Oak Meadow homeschool curriculum & I am always on the look out for new, fun activities for my littles. Since I each of my boys are three years apart, it can be challenging to find toys that all three boys can use. Whether we are buying toys for our guys, or for our friend’s littes, we try our best to invest in natural toys that are going to last.

Keeping all that in mind, I was super excited to have found Cake in The Morn! It is ran by homeschooling mother who specializes in making an array of quality crafted Montessori & Waldorf based toys.The design are all based on items they have made for their own family as they have journeyed through the world of homeschooling. Handicrafts, flannel board felt stories, and art have become an integral part of their family’s daily activities and they have plenty of amazing items in stock!

We decided we wanted to try out one of their colorful hand kites!
She put our last name on ours. I figured that would be best since I knew all my guys would be playing with it, and possibly my nieces as well!
I must say, that was a good choice because all my boys do play with it! My 6 month old, my 3 year old AND yes, even my *almost* 7 year old. For just $7, you can get your own from Cake in the Morn!
Awesome! If your kiddos like to keep things separate, they also have listings with 2, 3, 5, party favor packs, and they even offer gift wrapping! I will definitely be keeping them in mind when birthday party time is near!

Run, twist, twirl, and spin with your very own fluttering hand kite
! With finished edges that won’t fray and a sanded smooth wooden ring that is permanently branded with your child’s name and/or a decoration (hearts, stars, footballs, etc.) then finished with their own homemade beeswax seal, this hand kite is the perfect accessory to your child’s imagination. 😀


Here are a few of my personal favorites:




Be sure to check more natural toys from Cake in the Morn by visiting their shop!


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