Therapeutic Hazelwood Jewelry By Hazelwood Haven~

All of my boys have reaped the benefits of wearing amber necklaces at one point or another, but it wasn’t until recently, that I heard about the benefits of wearing hazel wood beads while stumbling upon Hazelwood Haven & their beautifully crafted necklaces!For those of you who unfamiliar with hazel wood, it is believed to aid in the treatment of:

* teething pain * eczema * tooth decay
* acid reflux * digestion * nausea
* carpel tunnel * ulcers * psoriasis
* acne * fibromyalgia * constipation
* osteoporosis * heartburn

So, how does hazelwood work? Hazelwood helps to create an alkaline environment in the body. It is an alkaline wood, and is believed to have the natural property of absorbing and neutralizing the body’s acidity through contact with the skin.

How does baltic amber work? Baltic amber is not a stone, but rather a fossilized resin. It contains very high levels of succinic acid, which plays a role in the body’s natural energy yielding process. Succinic acid is absorbed from the amber through contact with the skin. Raw amber contains more succinic acid than polished!

We tried one of Hazelwood Haven’s necklaces on little Lucca & we love it!
These necklaces are made to be very sturdy, but are delicate enough so that it does not bother baby. Little Luc didn’t even seem to notice his!
We have been leaving his on for much of a the day, with the exception of nap and bath times & it seems to be helping his poor little gums! I even let a friend’s baby have one and she commented that her son seemed calmer than usual πŸ™‚ I will admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, but I’m convinced this combo is working well for us, too!

We are going to continue to wear it & report back with our results!

All of Hazelwood Haven’s products are made with high-quality materials.

– Amber: Harvested from Lithuania, off the coast of the Baltic Sea.
– Hazelwood : Hand Harvested in Quebec, Canada
– Wire: made up of 7 strands of stainless steel fibers, wrapped in a nylon coating
– Beads: Alternating Hematite and Baltic Amber Beads
– Clasp: barrel style silver clasp (impossible for little hands to open!)
– Each side of the necklace is clamped to ensure safety.

* The hazelwood is grown and harvested in Quebec, Canada where it is indigenous to the lands. The branches of the Beaked Hazel tree are trimmed during harvest, leaving the rest of the tree in tact. The process itself leaves very minimum impact on the environment, making it a very green choice in holistic remedies! πŸ™‚

Size Guide:
Size 1: Infant – Ages 0-12 Months (11 Inches)
Size 2: Baby – Ages 12-24 Months (12 Inches)
Size 3: Toddler – Ages 24-48 Months (13 Inches)
Size 4: Child – Ages 4-10 years (14 Inches)
Size 5: Teen – Ages 10-16 years (16 Inches)
Size 6: Adult (1): 17 Inches
Size 7: Adult (2): 18 Inches
Size 8: Adult (3): 19 Inches
Size 9: Adult (4): 20 Inches

Also, note that is their listings you can choose what color bead or stone you would like! here is a sample of what they carry:


So how do you care for these?
While these necklaces are safe to wear in the bath or shower, extreme temperature changes (hot&cold) may cause the hazelwood bead to crack. It is also believed that water will ‘charge’ the hazelwood, but it can change the color of the wood. It IS normal for the bark to seperate from the bead over time & it doesn’t affect it’s benefits πŸ™‚

We’re probably going to take Luc’s necklace off each time.

Instead of dreading the teething stage, I suggest investing in one of these wonderful necklaces! Or if you would like to try them out for other reasons, whether it is for yourself, husband, or an older kiddo, I think you will be surprised!

To check out more from Hazelwood Haven click here & be sure to let them know we sent ya!

Have a wonderful day!

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