House of the Folded Sun

This week was another cold, windy week for us and taking the baby out in that kind of weather was simply out of the question! BUT, things are looking up. My oldest boy has a birthday this weekend so we have been spending our extra time making decorations and even received some happy snail mail from House of the Folded Sun If anything, that surely cheered us all up!
We opened up the cardboard envelope to find a vintage Sesame street record sleeve full of Waldorf window stars ā¤ What a wonderful and smart way to package these beauties! The boys love the cover, too!
Also inclosed in the sleeve, was a handwritten letter of appreciation and instructions & tips on how to hang these stars!
One of my favorite things about buying things handmade is that I know that they are made with love, and at House of the Folded Sun I know this to be true! I think I can speak for everyone when I say that a little note of appreciation goes a long way šŸ™‚
So,here it is! We received three BEAUTIFUL suncatcher stars! House of the Folded Sun makes all of their suncatchers with much love, patience, and care. It involves folding 16 individual pieces of paper and gluing them all together to create a mandala like design. I am very impressed with the quality and their precise folding!
We decided to hang the green star in the boys’ room šŸ™‚ The colorfulness of these items is guaranteed to bring joy and liveliness to your living space, ya’ll. Remember,the color will illuminate differently throughout the day depending on the amount of light that shines through.
So pretty!! Each of these stars are about 12 inches and even came ready with tape on the back of them, ready to hang. That’s love guys!
During the day, people inside the homes will enjoy its beauty. However, at night the people from the outside can enjoy it as well. What you must do is place a light behind the suncatcher and this will illuminate the design for the outside world to see. The neighbors who take their evening stroll will surely stop to view it!
This one is my favorite and certainly some of the BEST mail I have received this year. Seriously, y’all. It’s amazing what a little bit of color can do šŸ˜‰

Here a few more of my favorites from their shop:

If you are looking to brighten your home, decorate for a special someone’s birthday, or send some cheer someone’s way this is where you want to go: House of the Folded Sun!

Much love and happiness!

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