Staying Organized with Thrifty Zippers!


I gave birth to my youngest son a little over 6 months ago, and shortly after that, I decided to become a stay at home mom. Before that, I worked part time at a natural grocery store, and I loved the crew & company I worked for! This is our second year to homeschool, and with a newborn it just made sense for me to devote my full attention on the boys. As you can probably imagine, there was plenty of number crunching done to make sure this was something that would be wise for me and my family, but we are making it work! This involved lots of budgeting, and making smarter purchases, while still being able to live our lives the way we want by enjoying quality organic foods & products.

For the last 6 months I have been using an expandable file that I got at Target for a $1. It’s cute and it helps me stay organized, but it’s so bulky and I would often take my money or coupons out and transfer them into my wallet before heading into the store for just that reason. Here is what I was using:

And what I’m using now….

Finally, a cute alternative to bulky unattractive envelope systems with 6 separate zippered pockets. Great for Dave Ramsey Cash Budgeting and Extreme Couponing 🙂
Thrifty Zippers specializes in making cute Dave Ramsey envelope system style wallets that are going to be super helpful in keeping me and my family on budget!
The wallet is not much bigger than a normal bi-fold woman’s wallet. It stays closed with a strong velcro. It is perfect for many needs like money envelopes or even organizing your coupons! There is a clear pocket for your driver’s license and 3 credit card pockets that will each hold around 3 cards each. Also, on each side there is a long pocket underneath all of those that is perfect for receipts of store cards. There are 6 enevelopes in wallet. Each envelope has a clear vinyl pocket on the front for your envelope label. I use cute scrapbook paper and just write what it is that way it is very changeable. The back of the wallet has one big pocket that is perfect for your checkbook.
You can also choose to upgrade your velcro 🙂

Outside Wallet measurement: 8″x4″
Each envelope is 7 1/4″X 4″

I love that these wallets are sturdy and are not flimsy and weak like some that I have seen. Plus, these wallets are super cute, so it’s a win all around, right?!

Here are a few more wallets from their shop:


Thrifty Zippers is allowing us to give away one of their amazing Envelope system wallets valued at $39.95! How exciting is that?

You can enter here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

To see more by Thrifty Zippers, click here!

Stay Organized-

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