Colorful Creations by Wool Lovers Unite!


We received a beautiful package from Dana & Wool Lovers Unite in Sunny Sydney, Australia & I am excited to share some of these goodies with you all!
We received some of her pure wool felt that has been lovingly hand dyed in 7 beautiful colors from landscape dyes. The colors have blended to form continuous colors with no white gaps! Each piece measures approximately 20 cm x 30 cm.

This felt is perfect for any small project and is very soft and thicker than commercially dyed felt!

Wool Lovers Unite is the perfect place to find Waldorf inspired crafts & crowns! We found this blue & yellow star crown there, and couldn’t wait to try it on my little prince! 😉
This Waldorf/Steiner inspired hand dyed pure wool felt crown is a perfect gift for any child! This crown is very durable and grows with your child!
It is made using two layers of pure wool felt (one layer hand dyed in blue, yellow and one natural), 2 cm thick elastic covered in cotton fabric, pure wool felt circles, cotton thread and a hand appliqued felt star! It is strongly blanket stitched around the edges.
It is 8.5 cm tall at it’s highest point and the felt part measures 36 cm. This crown will fit any child with a head diameter 45 cm and up to 50 cm due to the stretch of the elastic! We love how soft it is and it fits the babe perfectly!
So cute, right? You can get these for just $22.27!

Here are few more of my favorite items from Wool Lovers Unite:

Flower Felt Crowns:
flet crown

Easter Basket with bunnies:

Autumn Leaf babies:
autumn leaf babies

Felt Meadow Playmat:
felt meadow play mat

Fairy Kits:
fairy kit

Owl Baby booties:

To see more from Wool Lovers Unite click here! Be sure to let Dana know we sent you!

Happy day

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