Winter Morning Crafts !


Kristina, owner & operator of Winter Morning Crafts is a small town girl with passion of knitting. She has been knitting as long as she can remember. She started young & began by adding embellishments to her grandgrandma’s used to knit mittens! When her son was born she decided it was time to get serious about her hobby & with that thought, Winter Morning Crafts was born!
At Winter Morning Crafts Kristina she makes wonderful hand knit leg warmers, gloves, hats, booties,headbands, cup warmers & more!

We just had to check out an adorable pair of these well made leggings! They are even prettier in person, if you could imagine! 🙂
These leggings are super soft, warm & cozy making them the perfect photo prop or baby shower gift! We prefer to pair these with shirts and onesies instead of pants because it is less fuss and most pants don’t fit over our baby’s cloth diapered bum anyway!

Here are a few more amazing knit items from Winter Morning Crafts:


To see more from Winter Morning Crafts click here!

Stay Warm!

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